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After chatting with customers, it became clear to us that many get really stressed out and confused when choosing used pianos.   We think that buying a piano should be fun - not an ordeal! Here's how we'll make choosing a fantastic used piano much easier for you - at very competitive prices!!

We carefully select structurally sound, low-usage used pianos.  Then we prepare and service them more thoroughly than many other piano shops - making sure they perform better and last longer for you.  

All our servicing is done in Australia by qualified, experienced technicians who can get the best performance out of a piano for you - many shops have their pianos serviced 'on the cheap' in China.  

Servicing used pianos for reliability & better performance

With us, you're buying from technicians (not pushy salespeople who don't care what you buy - as long as you buy something!).  We'll show you 'under the hood' and answer any technical questions you have.  We'll give you honest, knowledgeable advice to help you find the used piano that's perfect for you.  And it won't cost you any more than at the 'discount' piano shops!

We have top quality technical back-up service.  Most shops outsource their repair work to the cheapest bidder - is that who you want fixing your piano?  All our pianos come with a warranty.

We know you're busy - so we're open until 8pm!  Come over and play the pianos and feel the difference!


We can even personalise a piano's touch and tone to suit your playing preferences - a piano tailor made for you!!  Can the other shops do that?  All pianos in the Elite range receive free delivery within the Sydney Metro Area (level access).  We can even arrange delivery intra and interstate!


Here's a little gem. This piano has been lovingly cared for and looks fantastic.  The colour is light walnut (hard to find) and it just sparkles. Has a clean, dynamic tone and is surprisingly powerful for a smaller piano.  Has a handy 3rd (practice) pedal to preserve everyone's sanity! Fully detailed and serviced by us, it comes with a matching duet size stool with storage inside.  

One of the last smaller Yamahas to be fully made in Japan. These days they are put together in Indonesia and then 'imported from Japan'.  Timber coloured Yamahas are in high demand, so give us a call before she goes...


This huge Bechstein upright is amazing. It's height means that it produces a really clean, powerful sound. This is a top of the range model - every panel has fabulous tight swirls of burr walnut veneer. As usual for a Bechstein, the build quality is superb. The ivory keyboard is in excellent condition and we even have the original key to lock the piano - it's never even been used!!

Fully serviced to Bechstein specifications, regulated and tuned.  

If you've ever wanted to own a piano from a top maker, but thought you couldn't afford it - here's your chance.  At under 5K, you can't afford to miss it!  Form an orderly queue please.......

Beautiful burr walnut veneer is complemented by the sparkling brass accents .


If you love elegance and sophistication, here's the one for you. This top of the range german 3 Crown Ronisch piano is a real find. Combines a lovely piece of furniture with an excellent quality instrument. Fabulous original case of rich swirling burr walnut with a marquetry 'frieze' top door panel - unusual and gorgeous. Totally original ivory keyboard is unmarked and sparkling.

She plays beautifully and has the refined, mellow tone of an upmarket European piano.  This is very well priced for a piano from a renowned german maker with a cabinet of this quality.

The frieze shows twisted leaves and flowers (lilys I think) - they don't make 'em like this anymore.


Grotrian Steinweg were co-founded in Germany by Heinrich Steinweg. He migrated to the US, americanised his name and created Steinway & Sons.  This Grotrian Steinweg has all of the build quality of it's more famous cousin - without the jaw dropping price tag.  They are the best kept secret in the piano world and consequently, tightly held by their owners.  

The elegant 131cm cabinet is mahogany in colour and the design is very modern in it's styling.  It features the Grotrian 'star back' construction design which stabilises tuning.  The build quality of the piano is obvious - even down to the top door catches which, incredibly, are made from ivory (as is the immaculate keyboard).

The action is superb quality and pristine, as the piano seems to have had very little use.  The Steinweg has a beautiful mellow, European style tone. The bass is punchy whilst the treble is sweet and singing.

A brand new Grotrian of this size would cost over A$42,000 dollars, so this is a fantastic opportunity to buy an instrument from one of the great German piano houses for a fraction of the cost.

German pianos of this quality are hard to find these days - so make sure you don't miss out by calling us now.  

CALL US ON  0402 110285

A very beautiful piano for a discerning pianist.  Photos cannot do this piano justice - you have to come and see and play it to appreciate it fully.
Extreme Makeover!!  The case has been completely stripped back and repolished in a satin mahogany finish.
Bechstein pianos are beautiful German pianos

This gorgeous Model A possesses the exceptional build quality for which Bechstein are renowned and has been returned to it's original condition.  The famous Schwander action was completely stripped down and authentically restored.  World best 'Abel' hammers were used to replace the worn originals and top quality rollers were also re-fitted.  Only premium quality German felt was used on the dampers and re-felting the rest of the action.  All sets of action centres were re-pinned for smooth, effortless operation.

The Bechstein has been re-strung for optimum sound production.

The piano is simply beautiful to look at.  The case is gracious and slimline with a "gate" leg design.  It has been repolished (with no expense spared!) in rich, satin brazilian rosewood which gives a look of true opulence to the solid timber.  The piano also retains its gorgeous original music desk.  The brass has been re-plated and complements the elegance of the case.  Original ivory keys complete the ensemble - each of them individually cleaned and buffed to give lustre and a smooth feel to the fingertip.

Finally, the piano was regulated to ensure it feels as good as it looks and sounds.  The Bechstein is superbly responsive and has beautiful 'touch" and superior tone.  Naturally the instrument has been tuned extensively to perfect concert pitch.

It's impossible to convey how lovely this piano is in a few words and pictures. You really must see it, hear it, play it personally to appreciate how special she is.

Please call us now to arrange an inspection - she won't be here for long!

CALL US ON 0402 110285


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