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Bluthner factory in Perivale, W London.
There could be 20 to 30 grand pianos alone at various stages of repair here.

A Bluthner grand stripped right back to the soundboard before the restoration work commences.

A Bluthner grand action ready for refitting back into the piano after restoration.

Centreing tools. Recentreing is the replacement of the pins which allow the action to move and pivot smoothly.  It is an intricate job as the technician has to judge the exact size of pin needed.  Too small and the action will operate noisily, too large and the note may not play at all!

Here's a page from a Bluthner brochure from the late 80's.
The picture on the top right of the page features Alex (well, his hands anyway) recentreing a set of hammers.
Lever anatomy 101
On the left, before being recentred.
On the right,  the flanges are re-pinned and are moving smoothly at the correct speed.
Alex fitting a new set of hammers onto the original shanks.  Rather than just fit a brand new action into an older style piano, a good technician will preserve all the original materials possible and replace the perishable materials which were designed to be renewed when they wear out.
Made from wool, hammer heads get worn down after a lot of use. This photo shows stages of wear. The bottom 2 would only need 'skinning' to reshape them - a cheaper alternative to head replacement..
The top 2 are too far gone for that and new hammers would need to be fitted.
A previous 'technician' had done a shocking job gluing on a set of plastic key tops. We steamed and pared the key tops off and put on a new set which gave the piano a huge lift.  (The scary thing is he's probably still out there somewhere!!) Giving the key tops a quick buff.
This gives them a lovely shine and makes the key top feel smoother to the fingers.
The finished result!!
Nice and even, properly shaped and no lumps of dry glue hanging off!!
A recent restoration of a Steinway grand piano. Adjusting the damper alignment on a Bechstein grand restoration. Spike - the office manager!!
"What did I do with that mouse?!"