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Pianos do respond well to some regular tuning and attention, but they are pretty resilient and forgiving - the vast majority of problems are totally fixable!  So if you find that your piano is horribly out of tune, has creaks, clicks, buzzes or is making no musical sound at all - don't worry!  Just Call Us!!

Our qualified technicians will get your piano performing beautifully again - and for a super affordable price

Piano Tuning

A good piano tuner will save you a lot of time, annoyance and money by doing the job right the first time - leaving your piano sounding fantastic.

All our Sydney piano tuners are very experienced, qualified and accurate, meaning you won't need to have the piano re-tuned only a couple of months later!

We include a free piano "health check up" with our tunings - this catches any little problems early, so they don't turn into larger problems later on.

Piano tuning by experienced piano tuner

We recommend that a piano be tuned once a year and again after it has been moved (let the piano settle for about a month before tuning).  This keeps the piano sounding and feeling great and helps students to recognise correct pitch.

LIMITED OFFER - Book a tuning by the end of October 2008 and mention Google and you'll get the special Googlicious rate of $140* (normally $154) - what a bargain!  But get in early - things are going to get busy!!  *Sydney Metro Area only - call us for quotes for other areas.

CALL US NOW ON 0402 110285

Piano Repairs and Piano Restorations

From minor niggling problems such as sticky notes or a broken string through to a full piano restoration of granny's heirloom, no job is too small or too large for our professional repairers and restorers.  
We'll get your piano back into tip top playing condition efficiently and affordably - so you can bring on the music!

Piano repairs by experienced piano technician

The hammers on this  piano had definitely seen better days!!

But after we had got to work.....

This is the result!

A piano that now plays as well as it did when leaving the factory in the 1920's

As a specialist in repair & restoration at a top European piano workshop, Alex has seen every piano problem in the book (and a few that aren't!!).  His experience means that he can diagnose and fix your piano's problems quickly and accurately.  Small repairs can usually be completed in one convenient visit - minimising the time your piano is 'out of action'.

Our repair work is high quality - neat, precise and done the traditional way. All our work will be long lasting - no bodgy quick fixes or cheap, inferior parts.  All materials/parts used are top grade.

All our repair work is guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Full restorations include an action re-build, a re-string and a cabinet repolish. But we're flexible. You can choose just one of the above, two or all three services - it's up to you!  With Alex's advice, you can pick and choose which services will be of most benefit to your piano.

With our written quotations, you'll know exactly what work will be done and how much it will cost - so there's no nasty surprises!  All our restoration work is guaranteed for your peace of mind.


Piano regulation is the fine adjustment of the piano's action parts - a bit like a car having a service and 'tune up'.

It really makes a huge difference to a piano's performance and can "personalise" the way your piano feels to play - you can even make it feel more like your teacher's - helping you progress with lessons.

It eliminates any annoying 'bubbling' through the keyboard and makes the piano respond more quickly -  this is especially important when a student progresses to playing faster pieces of music.

Piano regulation by experienced piano tuner
Regulation will save you money in the long term by stopping the action from wearing unevenly and causing problems.


For this month only, we're offering a 'Piano Performance Package'.  This includes a tuning and a mini regulation for an amazing $390*!!  That's a huge saving - so call us now to book your piano in early!!

Call us now on  0402 110285   *Sydney Metro Area Only



Piano inspections Piano valuations

Can you spot which piano has a cracked frame?....or a loose plank?.....or a soundboard that's lost it's crown?

Before you commit to buying a piano (especially if you are buying privately), you really need to make sure it is technically sound.  Pianos are intricate instruments and sometimes there can be hidden problems which need to be identified before you hand over your hard earned cash!  Many times we have seen the financial loss and disappointment buyers suffer when their 'bargain' turns out to have a major structural defect.

To help you avoid this nightmare and save your money, let us inspect the piano you are interested in and identify any costly faults.  It's a small outlay for peace of mind.

Valuations - If you are interested in selling your piano, we can do a valuation for you.  It is always helpful to know how much your piano is worth so you don't 'give it away'.  On the other hand, it is pointless to spend money on advertising the instrument at an unrealistic market price.

We can also provide you with a valuation for your insurance company if you decide you would like to add your piano to your policy.

Call us now on 0402 110285

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